By Komal

Glad you are here! The Positivity Tribe by Komal Alchouni is a community that promotes positive, happy and soulful living. The writing pieces in here are just for you to feel good and be in the moment as you read through each article. In this busy chaotic life of ours we hardly take some time aside to cherish our living, to pamper ourselves. We actually don’t even consider of being grateful of our lives and keep on regretting over the past mistakes. By bringing positivity to your life; you can simply elevate your living. Yes! The way you think, the way you treat yourself matters…The Positivity Tribe brings you soulful, simple, and highly feel good written stuffs, as you go through each blog or article you’ll possess a sense of positivity and belongingness. In this poetic and melancholic journey;Hope you enjoy reading!

As it say’s Soulfully.Thoughtfully.Positively.
All’s gonna be alright! ✨🦋

Why The Positivity Tribe?

The purpose of this page is to surge in positivity in your mind’s, and motivate you to the best. The Positivity Tribe bringing mindfulness and energy to your mind would simply uplift you to happiness. Here, you find just the perfect content to make you feel lighter in mind and euphoric at soul.


There’s this fear amoung all of us, the fear of being lonely or the fear of loneliness. But I get amused by this thought and end up questioning myself, as to why do hate our own company so much? Why or what is the need to always be looking into something, someone to amuse ourselves?Continue reading “Lovin’Solitude”


This word ‘resilience’, evokes a power inside me. This word has it all a human would need to be inspired. Resilience is the process and outcome of successfully adapting to difficult and challenging experience, especially through mental and emotional health aspect. I have this surging thrust of energy inside me that it’s so much moreContinue reading “Resilience…”


The fundamental difference between feelings and emotions is that feeling are experienced consciously. In simple words there are no feelings without emotions! Some basic forms of emotions are sadness,anger, disgust, embarassment, pride, happiness and anger. While these emotions are the outcomes of the situations we might come across we cannot avoid them. This invisible thingContinue reading “Emotions…”


The idea of healing varies from different forms to all of us. Here’s a version of mine. Sometimes healing is all about letting yourself to feel. Healing is not always something that requires medications or paramedic proceedures. Are medicines actually responsible for healing your emotional wounds? According to me no they aren’t. Sometimes healing isContinue reading “Healing…”


Do you always feel good or happy or great? Or do you sometimes feel like you aren’t able to accept your feelings? Feelings are a part of us and they indeed say alot about us,but do we actually accept them the answer is no we don’t. Sometimes when we feel sad or when we agonizeContinue reading “Feelings…”


It is the process of growing and moving forward which makes you die first. Nobody’s gonna tell you this and it might sound a little negative to you, but you have to face these Little deaths in the process of becoming who you want to be. You have to constantly let go of the painfulContinue reading “Revival🦋”


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